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Fireworks In The City Of Azusa

safe n saneThe City Of Azusa has a long standing tradition of allowing the lighting of "Safe And Sane" fireworks at certain locations, within the city limits. "Safe And Sane" firework are those which you can purchase at various fireworks stands within Azusa, and have a label similar to the one shown on this page, affixed on it's packaging.

The Azusa Police Department's Mission

To ensure the safety of all residents, business owners and visitors to the City of Azusa, the Azusa Police Department will be deploying additional personnel during the days and nights immediately preceeding and on the 4th of July. 

Police officers have been directed to issue citations to anyone who:

  • Lights an illegal firework anywhere within the city
  • Lights any fireworks north of Sierra Madre Avenue

When Can I Light Fireworks?

You can enjoy your fireworks on July 4th, between noon and midnight.

Can I Light Bottle Rockets, Fire Crackers Or Mortars?

No! All of these types of fireworks are illegal.

Where Can I Light Fireworks?

You can light fireworks in any residential area, except

  • Schools
  • City parks
  • Parking Lots
  • Alleys
  • And anywhere north of Sierra Madre Avenue

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Warning To Those Who Are Tempted To Ignore Our Fireworks Laws

The residents of our great community are supportive of the Azusa Police Department's efforts to keep Azusa just that - a great community. They do not appreciate anyone placing their safety in danger by discharging fireworks in un-approved areas or those which are not legal to discharge. You should know:

  • The police department and city have made it very well known about our fireworks laws through various media outlets and advertising venues
  • The fine for lighting an illegal firework is $1000
  • The fine for lighting a firework above Sierra Madre Avenue can range between $250 and $1000
  • With the popularity of our social media program, we have more witnesses and people willing to report locations and violators to us. This means more people will be watching and reporting this year!
  • Our officers may be in patrol cars, regular cars, uniform or plain clothes. You're taking a risk!